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+212 6 14 34 35 40 [email protected]

Term Of Service

Reservation of the stay

At the time of booking, a 10% deposit will be required. In return, an invoice will be sent to you.

Cancellation fees

If you must cancel your departure for any reason, you must inform Authentique Nomade as soon as possible by e-mail.

More than 30 days before your departure, the deposit will be retained for a future date.
From 30 to 21 days before departure: we keep 30% of the deposit amount
From 20 to 8 days before departure: we keep 50% of the deposit amount
Less than 8 days before your departure: we keep 100% of the deposit amount

If the cancellation of your stay is made by Authentique Nomade following unforeseen events, you will be notified as soon as possible and refunded in full the sums you have paid, without however claiming any compensation.


No reservation will be taken orally, they will be done by email.
To reserve, it is imperative to set an advance.


Morocco Desert does not pay for air transport, insurance, personal expenses, drinks, gratuities, admissions and access to museums, visits or services not stipulated in the quotation. Typically lunches are not included in the tours.


Payment may be made by bank transfer or international money order, or paypal toAdministrative requirements

You must ensure that you are in compliance with the formalities in force in the country (passport, visa, vaccinations …)
We advise you to check your personal insurance before leaving because our rates do not include repatriation or medical insurance.

Length of stay

The duration of your stay will be determined by your dates, times and places of arrival and departure

Authentic Nomad will welcome you the day of your arrival and will accompany you the day of your departure to the places and schedules agreed in advance if you took a circuit with us.

Any tour or excursions booked included the acceptance of the general conditions of sales named above

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